Saturday, April 11, 2009

Egg Hunting Time

She's off and running, what a competitor!

Found one!

It's the season of the Easter egg hunts!  The first of many was at Grace's preschool!  There was a story time, Bible lesson, egg hunt, and a mini photo shoot!  What a way to bring in the spring season!  Grace had no problem snagging her 12 eggs in like 3.2 minutes!  She even had to put one back!  What a beautiful day to celebrate the weekend of Easter!

More Birthday Fun

Alex and Paw Paw

His first digital camera!

Grace got a little present too!

Alex said, "I want fire, Grandma!"

Family party at Chuck E. Cheese

Alex likes to "act," sometimes!

Cousin Luke was dancing up a storm!

Luke and Aya pose for the camera!

After lunch with Daddy, we headed over to Grandma and Paw Paw's house for a little party!  Later that evening, it was Chuck E. Cheese with the extended family!  We had to push back Alex's birthday party til the end of the month.  He just got his cast off Monday and wanted his leg to heal before the big Bounce House party!  Hope you had fun, Bubby!

Happy Birthday Alex!

Just wakin' up!!!

I love to kiss those bips!!

Alex holding Daddy's hand! Awww...

Our silly monkey!

Lunch at Long's Drugstore!

Birthdays are a big deal in my family!  I love them!  It's a chance to celebrate each member of the family and make them feel oh so special!  Tuesday, April 7th was Alex's 3rd birthday.  However, he won't admit that he is 3.  Alex has such a personality.  He is so funny, loves to tell jokes, but at the same time is a lover boy!  He loves to snuggle and give kisses and is so laid back!  He loves his big sister and is excited about being a big brother in the fall!!!  Alex, we LOVE you!!!

Easter Animals

For dinner that night, M&M Catering, YUM!

Grace was lovin' the chickens!

Aya joined the fun!

Alex liked the bunny rabbits the best!

The kids had a chance to hold some animals thanks to folks of 4-H!  Bunny rabbits, baby chicks, and a lamb, it was pretty fun! 

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Big Reveal!

Grace loved the rain, can you tell?

Matt (producer) and Brian (show host) w/us.

Here ya go!  Here's the final product!  Looks great, doesn't it?  Keith is all set up to do his wood working stuff!!!  The camera guys hung around for a few hours getting their "beautification," shots.  Crazy!  The Garage Mahal show starts airing on DIY this May.  Our show probably won't be on until August or September.  We'll keep you posted!!