Thursday, May 21, 2009

Recital Time

It's that time of year again, RECITAL TIME!!  Grace has two numbers this year...tap is to the Purple People Eater and ballet is to, well you guessed it, Going to the Chapel!  Love the costumes, too cute!  I thought it was funny that Grace gets to be a bride, b/c I'm a wedding videographer.  How fitting!  All the girls look so sweet and I just love our group of moms.  This is Grace's last year (she's just not that into it-to say the least), so I'm enjoying every minute of it!  I'd close with "break a leg Grace," but she broke her arm two days before the recital last year, so we won't go there!

Grace's Preschool Graduation

Thanks Grandma for the Graduation Party!

Grace and her Nana

Grace and Aunt Aya

The slideshow was too much for Bub!

Still a Daddy's girl...can you tell?

Grace and her teacher, Lee Ann!!

I can't believe that my baby is graduating from preschool.  Is she really starting the big K next fall, say it isn't so!  Grace had a blast at Beaver Ridge United Methodist!  She loved her teacher, Lee Ann this year.  What a great fit!  Grace's preschool graduation was cute.  The kids sang a few songs and then they got their certificates!  Afterwards, we headed back to the house for some cake and punch!  Congrats Grace!!   

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day Out with Thomas

For Alex's birthday, we bought tickets to ride Thomas the Tank Engine!  This was our second trip, and the kids loved it!  After a quick stop at the train table station, we bought Alex a souvie t-shirt and were ready to board the train!  We got to ride in the first coach right behind Thomas!  It was so cool!  This kids had a blast at their Day Out with Thomas!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Mommy's Birthday

Paw Paw fixed me his famous crepes!

Over at the Rogers house!

April is a busy month for us!  Alex's birthday, our anniversary, my birthday.  Crazy!  I love it when my b-day falls on a weekend.  I started the morning out with presents from Keith and kids, then off to G'ma and Paw Paw's for breakfast!  Paw Paw makes the BEST crepes!  It is such a special treat!  After a trip to the mall and a nap, we headed over to the Rogers house!  The Floyds and McLemores joined the fun.  We've all been friends for years.  It's nice to celebrate with old friends.  I'm blessed to have such good ones!!  You all rock!  Oh, and I have a pretty great family too!

Pep Moms Egg Hunt

Our first Pep Moms egg hunt got rained out!  So, Monday was the make-up day!  The kids were pros by this time!  Grace gets so focused, it's awesome!  Alex is more interested in what is inside the egg, he doesn't care how many he gets.  I had to get a few pics of the kids with the statues!  Keith is famous for his "statue," pics.  Like Daddy, like kiddos!

More Easter Celebrations

Egg hunt at Grandma and Paw Paw's

Now over to Nana's....

After church, we made a stop over at Grandma and Paw Paw's for some Easter fun!!  Then we headed over to Nana's.  Aya and Nana wanted to see the kids in their Easter outfits!  Good times!