Sunday, September 28, 2008


Remember the old small group days?

Who is that guy in our pic?  Strange!

Like father, like son!

Cool charity...check it out!

It was nice to see some of our old small group friends.  Back in the day, we all went to the same church.  We all were in the same small group!  Now, not so much.  On another note, there's this really cool charity out there that provides clean drinking water for places like Ethiopia!  100% of your donation will be used to build wells and provide that clean drinking water!  Check it out at!  Drink the Kool-Aid on this one folks!

Caroline's B-Day!

Alex and Caroline are buds!

So, I'm thinking Prom 2023!

Nice cake Mr. Jonathan!

Top:  Grace and Logan.   Below:  2 stud-muffins!

I love getting together with old friends!  We helped celebrate Caroline's birthday tonight at a park practically in our back yard.  We didn't know it existed.  Go figure!  Good times catching up with ole buddies!  We love Minnie Mouse too!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Greekfest! Opa!

Grace's favorite, the school bus!

        I think we are saying, "Opa!"

And "Opa," can't help but say that word!

Keith and his mini-me!

I love Greekfest!  Since I was in high school, I've been attending this annual event.  I love the food, the music and the atmosphere.  The desserts are rockin' too!  Grace and Alex enjoyed watching the dancers, then trying it out for themselves!  Strangely enough, their favorite part was riding the school bus shuttle.  Go figure.  Kind of like the monorail at Disney World.  Opa everyone!

Yard Sale

Yes, Keith thinks he is funny!

Princess Gracie as Snow White.

The Princess Pose and the TD Pose!

Grandma bought G the matching headband!

We finally had another yard sale.  I prayed for great weather, and God provided! Thank you!  It was perfect!  We had a steady flow of customers and sold a ton of stuff!  The rest of it (okay, most of the leftovers) was donated to KARM.  Grace had a Princess party this morning too!  Grandma picked Snow White up and took her to the party!  I heard tell that the Princess Party was perfect!  I wish I could have been there!  Thanks Grandma for taking Snow White Gracie!

Welcome Home Aunt Jenny!

I missed Grace's greeting, but had the cam ready for Bub's!

I think Alex looks like Jen, okay really Paw-Paw.

Grace LOVED her souvies!  She's such a girlie-girl!

We even made Jen a poster.  Way to not walk through it!

Aunt Jenny spent over a week in Spain!  Yes, Spain!  We are so happy for her!  She had a fabulous time touring that beautiful country.  We are so proud of her for just booking the dream trip!  I'd love to visit Spain!  She had a blast, but missed the family!  We are glad she is back home!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mom Tip

Here's a fun Mom Tip!  My kids love it when I cut out cute shapes in their sandwiches! You don't have to go all out and make it look like something in a magazine (save that for a party). Since it's Halloween, I used my ghost and pumpkin cookie cutters.  The kids LOVED it and ate EVERY bite!  I even used blueberries for the eyes.  Have fun with it.  Your kids will love it!

Grace's Preschool Friends

Grace is Miss Social Butterfly!

She loves that brother too!

Alex loves his shadow.  He was dancing with it! ha

Grace's class with their fun teacher, Ms. Lee Ann!

Thanks again to the Karns Fire Department!  All the kids and teachers loved the big red fire truck.  You all rock!

Karns Fire Department

Kung Fu Alex loves the fire truck!

A:  Take my picture Momma, I'm saying cheese!

A:  Now what do all those buttons do?

G:  I don't know Alex, but I'll say cheese!

The Karns Volunteer Fire Department paid a just-for-fun visit to Grace's preschool today.  Of course, I had to run back up there and take pictures!  Alex loved the big red engine!  Grace did too.  This year, she actually got into the truck!  We want to thank our Karns Fire Department for all of their hard work!  You guys are awesome!

LIFEgroup Ladies

Our LIFEgroup said goodbye to one of our own this Sunday.  We will miss the Satterfields!  We love you all!  We are praying that you all will quickly adjust to your new city and find a good church soon!  We also pray for friendships.  Don't compare them to us, that wouldn't be fair!  Good luck!  

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Finally a Big Orange TD!

This is Alex checking out the fireworks after he 
experienced his first Vols TD!

Did I mention that it was hot?  Alex (like the rest of us)
was pretty sweaty!  So, I spiked his hair a bit!

After the game, dinner at the Tomato Head!

Alex's first UT football game was a neat experience!  We had great seats and he was such a champ.  This 2-year-old outlasted most Vols fans!  Even though our team lost, we are still HUGE fans!  The Vols play in the best football conference in the country and we will cheer our team on through the good and the bad.  We'll be back on top soon.  Go Vols!  It really is great to be a Tennessee Vol!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

More football fun!

Just me and my boy!

We broke out the sucker in the 3rd quarter.  Good call.

He got a little messy.  Oh well!

Thanks Paw-Paw for the sucker (and Grandma)

Excitement, before the turnover...

Alex is all about touchdowns!  I took these pictures when the Vols were in the orange zone the first time.  Yeah, they turned the ball over.  But before they did, Alex loved what he saw!  Go Vols, Daddy!  I love football!