Monday, January 19, 2009

Build-A-Bear and Aunt Jenny's

My little man talking to Daddy.

What to wear....

Giving T-Rex a bath.

Put the heart in, lots of love!

Nice heels, Grace!

Grace loves makeup, can you tell?

Here's a few pics from a recent visit to Aunt Jenny's house.  Grace loved all her makeup!  Jen even let Grace do a make-over.  Brave!  Jen has a box of our Grandma's old costume jewelry. We loved that stuff when we were little!  It was neat to see Grace enjoying the necklaces and bracelets!  Alex got to go on a hot date with Grandma to Build-A-Bear.  They had a T-Rex and Alex is all about the T-Rex.  Alex even recorded his own voice, it's in the T-Rex's arm.  Too cute!
Next, Alex was off to Silver Spoons for lunch.  He loves bread and butter, just like his momma!

Daddy's Birthday

Chap stick and fingers, enough said.

Daddy's yummy breakfast! Sweet!

Sleeping Beauty?

Happy Birthday Jesus cake...long story

We wrapped up the Seay family vacation with a birthday dinner for Keith.  I started the morning off with a tasty, home made breakfast.  Keith (and the kids) opened his presents and then we just relaxed.  Everyone came over that night to help celebrate Keith's birthday!  Good times!

Libby Lu Time

Showin' off makeovers at Starbucks!

Princess Hanna

Princess Sarabeth

Princess Grace

 Queen Kathy and Prince Luke

Since Libby Lu was closing it's doors, we had to take Grace for another make-over!  This time she got to go with her girl cousins!  What fun the girls had!  They got their make-up, nails and hair done!  Each of the girls picked out a pooch or pet.  After a quick dance show, we carried the fun over to Starbucks for some hot chocolate and coffee! Fabulous!

Akard/Seay/Austin Family Christmas

I bought all the girls fuzzy socks!

     Photo-time, Christopher is attacking his Mom.

Yes, it's an inside joke! Awesome!

    Keith got Kevin an old 8-track, yes...another joke.

Who needs presents, Bub has bubble wrap!

Cousins, cousins....

3-generations of Akard men folk.

Our Akard side of the family usually has Christmas when the Seays make the journey from snowy Michigan.  It is a great time of food, fellowship and more food.  There are lots of kids now and they love to play together.   

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Morning!

Grace is a huge Sleeping Beauty fan!

Bub got his first bike!

Thanks to Santa, he asked for a telescope.

Love these keyboards, Alex kept saying, "I'm Alex."

Bub loves T-Rex or Rex from Toy Story.

Grace is all about the Diamond Castle Barbies!
Connected, protected.....

I love Christmas!  First of all, it's the day our Lord was born.  That is huge!  But I love waking up early on Christmas morning and experiencing all the excitement!  With kids, it is a whole new ball game.  It is such a blessing to watch my kids enjoy Christmas.  Whether it is singing Christmas songs, reading about Baby Jesus,  or just opening up gifts.  It's so cool!

Monday, January 5, 2009

It's Christmas Time

Alex's first haircut not by Daddy.

I can't believe Christmas has come and gone. What a fast season! I wanted to get Alex a quick haircut, because his rat tail was coming back. I think it is cute, others think it is a bit redneck. We went to the McLemores Christmas party on the 23rd and we had most of our family over on Christmas Eve after church. Good times had by all!