Monday, January 19, 2009

Build-A-Bear and Aunt Jenny's

My little man talking to Daddy.

What to wear....

Giving T-Rex a bath.

Put the heart in, lots of love!

Nice heels, Grace!

Grace loves makeup, can you tell?

Here's a few pics from a recent visit to Aunt Jenny's house.  Grace loved all her makeup!  Jen even let Grace do a make-over.  Brave!  Jen has a box of our Grandma's old costume jewelry. We loved that stuff when we were little!  It was neat to see Grace enjoying the necklaces and bracelets!  Alex got to go on a hot date with Grandma to Build-A-Bear.  They had a T-Rex and Alex is all about the T-Rex.  Alex even recorded his own voice, it's in the T-Rex's arm.  Too cute!
Next, Alex was off to Silver Spoons for lunch.  He loves bread and butter, just like his momma!

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