Monday, March 30, 2009

The Shoot

The cameras are rolling practically non-stop.  They catch everything.  Even me trying out the nail gun for the first time and the saw.  I did it though!!!  Keith is in his element.  He is doing great!!!  We are so excited to see the final product!!!!!!  

Garage Mahal

We are going to be featured on DIY's Garage Mahal.  It's a new renovation show about pimpin' out your garage!  Since Keith loves to wood work, we are setting him up to have the perfect space to create really cool pieces!  We had our work cut out for us though, our garage was pretty full.  We started the shoot on Sunday and we will wrap up tomorrow.  It has been so much fun, but we are so tired!!!!  

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Vote for Tammy!

Hey friends!  If you get a chance, please vote for me for best wedding videographer in Knoxville!  It just takes a minute to register your vote (you can only vote once) and I would so appreciate your time!! It would be really neat to win this title!  Here's the link...


The Broken Leg!

Last Sunday (3/8/09), Alex broke his leg on the trampoline.  We thought it was just hyper extended, but wanted to get it checked out anyway.  Good thing we did!  We spent a long 5 1/2 hours at Children's Hospital and limped away with the news of a broken tibia.  He has a hair line fracture right under his knee.  Poor little guy!  He got his cast on the next day and is just now starting to stand up on the leg.  It's been a long week for us.  Grace also came down with strep throat.  Need I mention that I am 9 1/2 weeks pregnant too.  God has His hand on us and He is providing for our needs, like sleep last night!  Thank you, Jesus!

Gabrielle Reece

Gracie and I got to meet former pro beach volleyball player, Gabrielle Reece today!  I was so excited!  Gabrielle was my favorite player back in the day!!!  She was in town for the Women's Today Expo.  I wanted Grace to meet her b/c she is supposed to be Gabrielle's height!  Gabby said that Grace's shoes were "spicey."  Grace was like, "no they are not, they are sparkley!"  I'm so glad it worked out to meet her and get a picture! Sweet!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pump It Up!

Smoothie Break

Daddy is so COOL!!!!!

Hands in the air, hands in the air!

Future model??

A:  "Mom, quit looking at my bum!"

It was a Pump it Up birthday party for Grace's dance friend, Addy!  The kids love these bounce houses!  What a workout, for the kids and Daddy!  I just took pictures!  By the end, all were exhausted and sweaty!  Everyone had a great time!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Got lips?

All the better to kiss you with?  Do you remember those wax-like gum lips that we used to get as kids?  I do.  The gum tasted yucky, but it was a fun to make people laugh!  Grandma picked up a couple of pairs of big, red lips for the kids.   I had to take a picture!  Grace already started chewing on em!  Lovely!

Webb State Champs!

Cheesecake from the Factory! The best!

Where's the Mom and Dad?

State Champs 09! Congrats!

Keith had his hands full while I worked!

I think it's now 5 years in a row, that I made the trip to Nashville to cover the Webb Lady Spartans in the state tournament.  They won a couple of years ago, lost by 2 last year and this year, they snatched up the title with ease, well almost.  We made a family trip out of it, since the game was at night.  We headed to Nashville early, checked into a hotel and let the kids swim!!!  They loved the pool!  The game, was another story.  It was a little late for the kids and they were pretty tired!  Keith did a great job with them.  Alex kept crying b/c he wanted Mommy.  Webb started off very slow and did not play it's normal hoops in the first half.  The second half was a different story.  They played as a team and took the lead and didn't look back!  Webb's coach, Shelley Collier, is a good friend of mine!  I'm so happy for her and the team!  They really worked hard this year and figured out the true definition of TEAM!