Friday, March 6, 2009

Webb State Champs!

Cheesecake from the Factory! The best!

Where's the Mom and Dad?

State Champs 09! Congrats!

Keith had his hands full while I worked!

I think it's now 5 years in a row, that I made the trip to Nashville to cover the Webb Lady Spartans in the state tournament.  They won a couple of years ago, lost by 2 last year and this year, they snatched up the title with ease, well almost.  We made a family trip out of it, since the game was at night.  We headed to Nashville early, checked into a hotel and let the kids swim!!!  They loved the pool!  The game, was another story.  It was a little late for the kids and they were pretty tired!  Keith did a great job with them.  Alex kept crying b/c he wanted Mommy.  Webb started off very slow and did not play it's normal hoops in the first half.  The second half was a different story.  They played as a team and took the lead and didn't look back!  Webb's coach, Shelley Collier, is a good friend of mine!  I'm so happy for her and the team!  They really worked hard this year and figured out the true definition of TEAM!  

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Chris F. said...

I would like to send my congratulations to the team.