Saturday, August 22, 2009

Neyland Stadium

Keith and I had a hot date tonight at Neyland Stadium!!! We had so much fun! Some friends of mine won a tour and dinner at the infamous home of the Vols! We were so excited to see all the new stadium upgrades! After eating a yummy meal of pizza and onion rings (among other tasty things), we took a tour of the letterman's club, the skyboxes and the club level seating. Oh yeah, and we got to play on the field! We also toured the media room, which is pretty impressive and a big improvement from the small space they had when I was in the t.v. business! Thanks to Amanda and Darcie for inviting us!!!! It was AWESOME! GO VOLS!

Welcome to Football Season!

Check out Alex's t-shirt!

Notice that Grace is in B/W too!

Coach Bryant!

Week Zero has come and gone. It's officially football time in Tennessee. Well, at least high school football. Keith officiates both Varsity and Junior Varsity games here and around Knoxville! It just happened that his first game of the season was at South-Doyle. That's where his best buddy coaches. I figured, I'd take the kids to the game. Alex sported his "Respect the Ref," shirt and Grace wanted to wear Daddy's colors too. She had to add a touch of pink with her hat and shoes though! The kids enjoyed cheering and eating a ton of snacks! They were done by half time. It had been a long week for the kiddos---first week of school! Grace and Alex had a blast hanging out with the Bryants and cheering on both the Cherokees and their Daddy!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A few more pics...

Congrats to the new mom!!!

Asher is kicking his new bud!

We want to say Welcome Baby Caleb!!! Beth and Jeremy had baby number 3 this week and he is so cute!! Love the head full of dark hair! Beth and I have been pregnant every time together! Usually it is me ahead of her, but she beat me to the punch this time! I think it's cool that we both are having boys this time around! They'll be buds!

The next two pics are of the rugrats! We did a quick photo shoot for my maternity pics at Penneys. We got some cute ones! Love Grace's boots...she is such a fashionista!

Alex's First Day of Preschool!

Do I have to get up?

Finally a smile!

Walkin' into school!

Alex's cubby!

It's hard to believe that Alex is starting preschool this year!! He has been anticipating this day for two years now! He loved dropping Grace off the last couple of years and always wanted to stay and play! Now's his chance! Alex has Mrs. Deena for a teacher and she is a perfect fit for him! I know he's going to love preschool and hanging out with his new friends!!! Alex, we are so proud of you, big boy!


After the first day of school, we headed to Chuck E. Cheese! It just happened to be Isaac's actual birthday!! Good times!

First Day of Kindergarten!

Love the uniform!

Walkin' into school!

Grace's spot!

Alex wants to stay!

Getting started right away! No tears Mommies.

I wasn't the only one with a camera!

I can't believe it! My baby, my first-born started Kindergarten this week! We were so excited for Grace! She is attending Paideia Academy. Grace goes to school on M/W/F and I home school her on T/TRs. It is a nice blend for us! I really enjoy being involved in her education. However, Paideia is a very challenging school! I think I will be getting a new education! Grace loves her class and classmates! Her teacher is Mrs. Satterfield and I think she is perfect for Grace. It also helps that Grace's best bud since birth, Isaac is in her class! Grace, it is my prayer for you that God blesses your school year! You are so smart and I want you to soak everything up!!!! Way to go Grace!