Thursday, August 20, 2009

Alex's First Day of Preschool!

Do I have to get up?

Finally a smile!

Walkin' into school!

Alex's cubby!

It's hard to believe that Alex is starting preschool this year!! He has been anticipating this day for two years now! He loved dropping Grace off the last couple of years and always wanted to stay and play! Now's his chance! Alex has Mrs. Deena for a teacher and she is a perfect fit for him! I know he's going to love preschool and hanging out with his new friends!!! Alex, we are so proud of you, big boy!

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lucyseay said...

Awesome pics of Alex! In those first few, I couldn't believe how much Alex and Christopher look alike (especially the one where Alex has his chin tilted down). Then, Christopher just walked over and saw what I was looking at and said "there's me!" Apparently he thinks he looks like Alex, too!

And my little brother looks pretty awesome, too, by the way. What a hunky husband you have, Tammy!