Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fire Truck Day!

Alex isn't scared at all!

Stop, Drop and Roll!

I could not get Alex to smile...

finally, a smile!

Alex's class...

the ladies love him.....especially Mommy!

Good things come to those who wait. The Karns Fire Department finally made it's appearance at Alex's preschool. Bubby was pumped to see the fire truck! Before I got there, Alex told the story to the firefighters how Daddy had to call, "991." Don't know that story, see an earlier blog post about the gas line incident. The teachers got so tickled that he said 991. Thanks to the Karns Fire Department for volunteering their time! The kids loved it!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Opa! Greekfest 2009

The kids LOVE to ride the school bus!

My cheese ball!

Grace and her new friend.

It was Greekfest time again. I've been going to this local festival since high school! Love the food and the kids really enjoy the atmosphere too! After eating the delicious Greek food, we let the kids dance. Grace wore her jingle, jangle skirt (yes, that is what she calls it) that her Aunt Aya bought her a few years ago. She had so much fun dancing around. She met a friend and had a blast twirling all over that wet dance floor! Alex was hilarious. He has the funniest facial expressions and even stopped and gave the crowd a booty shake! Awesome! We'll be back next year, OPA!

Master Suite Updates

The kids love to draw pictures on the dry wall.

Keith and Kevin--our construction studs!

Check out the cool ceiling, all Keith's idea!

Dry wall ready for our subs!

The bathroom!

The "water closet."

I am so proud of my husband. He has been working so hard on our master suite. We are desparately trying to have it ready before baby. We are 37 weeks tomorrow! Can we do it? Quoting Bob the Builder, "Yes we can!" Keith finished the sheet rock and we are hiring a sub to finish the dry wall! Good idea on that one! We had our first coat on Friday and our dry wall guys will be back this week to finish! We should be ready to paint by Friday! How exciting! The kids enjoy hanging out in the addition with Daddy! They are learning how to build things..that counts as homeschool, right?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

80's Party!

Blue eye shadow, big hair, rolled up jeans...our Pep Moms group had a totally rad 80's party on Thursday! It was so much fun! We raided our closets and brought out the 80's attire! I went to Claire's and bought some accessories. So funny that the 80's look (jewelry wise) is back in style now. It was so funny to see what kind of outfits everyone came up with! We also brought old pics of ourselves from that decade. What were we thinking hair wise? Big bangs and wings ruled back then. You couldn't use enough Rave or Aqua Net hairspray! Hilarious!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Addition Update

We have an entrance via the house now to the addition!! Keith cut the hole last night and Alex knocked down the wall! Of course, I missed my boy knocking down the wall, but Daddy said it was pretty fun! We are waiting for our 2 inspections today and praying that we will pass the first time!!! Once we get the go ahead, Keith can start hanging insulation and dry wall!!!! That much closer to moving into our master suite before baby!!!

Asher's Baby Shower

Cake by Emile!! She's a professional!
Oh so yummy!

Sweet, shabby chic decor by Tracie

Big sister Grace attended the shower!

Jenny made the punch--yum!

My Lifegroup girls hosted a baby shower for Asher (and me too)! I was so excited to have a baby shower for him! Since this is baby #3, we decided to have a diapers and wipes theme! My hostesses did an AMAZING job with the decorations, food and theme! It was so much fun! Thanks for all my friends that stopped by! I'm set for awhile with the necessities!