Sunday, December 20, 2009

Grace's Christmas Party

There's no better way to head into Christmas break than a party! I made Christmas cupcakes for Grace's class and she was so proud to pass them out! She told me that she got lots of compliments on the cupcakes. That made my day!! Alex was able to participate in the fun and Asher came along too! After the party, my boys were so tired! I was in the middle of them and when I got up to take the pic, Asher woke up! It's still cute though!

Alex's Christmas Show

He looks so cute!

Posin' with Santa!

Santa Baby!

Asher with Nana!

We tried to get a good pic, Gram...

After watching big sis do a Christmas show 2 years in row, it was now Bubby's turn! He was one of the 3 Kings! Alex was so stinkin cute up there! He would wave to us and just look our way! It was so cute! Grace was my photographer because I was nursing and Daddy was filming! I had so much fun watching my boy up there!! We got to visit with Santa after the big show!

Christmas Jammies...

Matching Jammies...thanks Grandma!

He's just SOOO kissable!

Love this one....

My sweet boys!

Now, the next few pics are taken by Grace and Alex!

I think I have a couple of future photogs!

My little Ash-Man!

I love the matching Christmas jammies, so I totally had to take some pictures. About 1/2 way into the fun, both Grace and Alex wanted to take the pictures. They looked so cute with the big camera and heavy flash! They even were instructing each other how to pose, it was so funny! I wish I had my video camera rolling---another day!

Tataru's Fun!

My Ash-Man!!

Grace attended her first Kindergarten classmate's birthday party this month! Alex got to tag along too and I recruited Aunt Aya for help!! She chased the kids, held Asher, and even took pictures for me! Yay Aya! It was fun! Check out the amazing cake River had, impressive!

Let It Snow!

We had our first snowfall a couple of weeks ago! We usually don't get snow this early, so it was a treat for the kids. Grandma and Paw Paw came over to play with the kids in the snow! I got them dressed and later fixed the hot chocolate! Grace and Alex built a cute snowman and it sported hot pink flip flops!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Ice Cream Party

Grace and long time friend, Isaac!

Brother and sister....

Grace's kindergarten class earned an ice cream party this afteroon!! Each class is competing in a fund raising competition and Grace's class reached their first goal! Congrats Amazing Ants! I was able to help out and take a few pictures! Alex joined in on the fun too--the perks of being a little brother!