Monday, December 22, 2008

Rock Star, Glam Girl

My mom has been wanting to take Grace to Libby Lu, ever since she found out I was prego with a girl!  We finally did the Princess Makeover on Saturday.  Libby Lu is going out of business and everything was 50% off, even better!  Grace and her friend Brooke, both got the deluxe package, which included a pouch and carrier (Grace's fav)!  I don't know who had more fun...the mommies or the girls.  I'm thinking it was Grandma! They got the fancy hair-do's, got to dress up, had their make-up and nails painted.  Glitter, glitter and more glitter.  Accessories galore were included in the package as well as a dance performance!  Now, that was so sweet.  Yes, I got it on video.  Grace's dance lessons are paying off!  After the makeover, Sherry and I took the girls over to Starbucks for hot chocolate!  What a fun girls day out!

Preschool Performance

Grace played "the star."

They really do love each other!

There's my star!

After the play, Santa came.  Ho Ho Ho
Grace had her big pre-school performance last week.  We were surprised by the play!  It was so sweet!  After the awesome acting, they sang their songs.  This was so cute!  Good job kids!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Walk through Bethlehem

This Sunday, we took a "Walk Through Bethlehem," at Church Street United Methodist. This free event, gives you the idea of what it might have been like the night Christ was born. We entered into the city and the registered our family with the census taker. We then walked through the busy streets, imagine...there was no room for us in the inn! At the end of the tour, we saw Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus...the kids loved that part! It was a neat experience and a great way to teach our kids about the real meaning of Christmas!

LIFEgroup Partay

Last Friday, we had our annual LIFEgroup Christmas party! We traveled all the way to Halls, and every last one of us was at least 1/2 hour late. Our gracious host prepared the entire meal for us, Cindy you rock! It was delicious! After the delicious meal we headed in the living room for the ever fun gift exchange! Top gifts this year...a fly fishing trip and a Napolean Dynamite talking doll. Oh yeah, and The Office notepads and pens! When we got home, Grace had fallen asleep on the couch in a princess costume, I was surprised it wasn't her Sleeping Beauty one!

Baking Cookies

Last week, the Stowes came over to bake sugar cookies with us. It lasted for about 10 minutes and then they were back to playing dress up. Of course, the kids loved frosting the cookies! Yes, they licked and double-dipped, but that is part of the fun!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Best Buds

Here's just a few fun pics of my attempt to get the kids to pose together.  Always fun and never stressful at all for the mommy photographer, ha ha!  

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Pictures

Alex did not want to look at the camera.

Say sweet!

Above:  "I not want to."

Gracie loves to pose....

This is her fav, the tiger pose.

Today was Christmas Picture Day at the Akards, well just for the kids!  The weather was beautiful, so I dressed my kiddos up in their Christmas outfits and we did a little photo shoot.  I only had to bribe Alex with a popsicle and Grace with lipstick and gloss.  They put on a show for the camera!  Thanks kids!  You did great!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ice Skating

Grace and Alex went ice skating for the first time ever!  They laced up the skates downtown in Market Square!  They were scared, but I think they enjoyed it!  I took Alex around the rink only once.  He just shuffled his feet back and forth, quickly.  It was funny.  About 1/2 way around the ice, he wanted me to carry him.  Aunt Aya went with us too, so she took Grace around.  I then took a spin with my girl and she did very well!  I was impressed!  Of course, I had to take a quick pic of us, what fun we had!  After exiting the rink, we got some hot chocolate, then headed over to Rita's for some Italian ice and custard!  We then kicked it over to Daddy's work for a visit!  

St. Nick's Day

When I was a kid growing up in St. Louis, all my friends celebrated St. Nicks's Day.  I remember riding the bus to school one day and all the kids showing off their St. Nick's gifts.  I went home that day and told my mom all about it.  Every year since, my mom has given us little gifts on St. Nick's Day.  The story behind it, kids leave their lists for Santa and he picks them up and leaves them a little something.  Now that my mom has grandkids, they get the gifts.  Mom made these cute santa sacks and filled them with a special ornament, a movie, pjs, and candy.  As Grace and Alex pulled out each item, they asked me to take a picture!!! Christmas is going to be fun this year.

Spa-la la

We had a mini-spa night at my house on Thursday.  We had so much fun and my friends left very relaxed!  Our feet, hands and faces all got tended to and my girls would NOT let me take any pictures.  At one point, we had this white stuff all over our lips, we looked so hot!  Thanks Monica for putting on the spa!  Anyone interested, I'll give you Monica's number.  You can host your own spa too!

Monday, December 1, 2008

More Fantasy of Trees Fun

G just got her nails painted, now a crown!

G and her Aunt Jenny!

Itsy-bitsy Christmas tree

My sweet babies!

After Grace and Daddy changed clothes, we took a spin around the Fantasy of Trees showroom.  It was a winter wonderland.  We had a blast with all the activities for the kids.  Grace made a itsy-bitsy Christmas tree, a Santa hat, and got her nails painted.  Alex got his face painted and made a hat.  They also took a ride on the up-and-down!  Oh, they decorated cookies too.  All the procedes went to Children's Hospital.  Fantasy of Trees will be a family tradition now for the Akards!  Ho ho ho!

Fantasy of Trees

Grace and Daddy rocked it out this year at Fantasy of Trees!  This little girl loves to perform.  Her smile lights up the stage and makes her Mommy oh so happy!  She is so stinkin' cute!  I'm glad the girls got another chance to wear that costume and to perform!  Grace even gave her Aunt Jenny a silent shout out!  Love it!