Sunday, December 7, 2008

St. Nick's Day

When I was a kid growing up in St. Louis, all my friends celebrated St. Nicks's Day.  I remember riding the bus to school one day and all the kids showing off their St. Nick's gifts.  I went home that day and told my mom all about it.  Every year since, my mom has given us little gifts on St. Nick's Day.  The story behind it, kids leave their lists for Santa and he picks them up and leaves them a little something.  Now that my mom has grandkids, they get the gifts.  Mom made these cute santa sacks and filled them with a special ornament, a movie, pjs, and candy.  As Grace and Alex pulled out each item, they asked me to take a picture!!! Christmas is going to be fun this year.

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Beth said...

St. Louis is so cool, huh? People from there have great ideas!! : )