Saturday, August 22, 2009

Welcome to Football Season!

Check out Alex's t-shirt!

Notice that Grace is in B/W too!

Coach Bryant!

Week Zero has come and gone. It's officially football time in Tennessee. Well, at least high school football. Keith officiates both Varsity and Junior Varsity games here and around Knoxville! It just happened that his first game of the season was at South-Doyle. That's where his best buddy coaches. I figured, I'd take the kids to the game. Alex sported his "Respect the Ref," shirt and Grace wanted to wear Daddy's colors too. She had to add a touch of pink with her hat and shoes though! The kids enjoyed cheering and eating a ton of snacks! They were done by half time. It had been a long week for the kiddos---first week of school! Grace and Alex had a blast hanging out with the Bryants and cheering on both the Cherokees and their Daddy!

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