Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Karns Fire Department

Kung Fu Alex loves the fire truck!

A:  Take my picture Momma, I'm saying cheese!

A:  Now what do all those buttons do?

G:  I don't know Alex, but I'll say cheese!

The Karns Volunteer Fire Department paid a just-for-fun visit to Grace's preschool today.  Of course, I had to run back up there and take pictures!  Alex loved the big red engine!  Grace did too.  This year, she actually got into the truck!  We want to thank our Karns Fire Department for all of their hard work!  You guys are awesome!

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Chris F. said...

I used to visit the fire station around where Belle Morris is now (I think that is the name; been a long time since I was out that way).
I grew up in the Washington Pike/Buffet Mill Road area before relocating to Halls 20 years ago.