Friday, September 12, 2008

Too Quiet = Trouble

Monica and her girls came over for dinner and a play date tonight.  The boys were at football games, except for Alex.  Poor Alex.  He was out numbered!  After dinner, Grace and Kate were playing dress up.  They play so well with each other.  Alex was in and out of Grace's room having a blast.  All was well, so Monica and I just started talking.  This rarely gets to happen (right moms??)!  Well, Alex once again comes out of Grace's room, but this time he's sporting a make over!  Boy was he proud of it too!  Wow!  It was quite a look.  I jumped up and ran into Grace's room.  I was fearful that red lipstick was all over her dress up clothes.  All was good, so I just started laughing.  The girls even colored his blonde hair with red lipstick.  We had such a good laugh!  However, getting Alex cleaned up was another thing!  We caught the kids just in time.  Baby Caroline was next!


Chris F. said...

LOL. Maybe he is preparing for a career as a rock star or something else that involves face paint. Kiss or the wrestler Sting come to mind. Looks like Grace may be well on her way there too.

Jeff and Amy Bryant said...

Poor little guy. He'll get her back someday! Miss y'all. Maybe we can get together soon!

Bridgette Boudreaux said...

That is so cute! If the red was a little darker it could have looked like war paint!