Saturday, September 20, 2008

Alex's First UT Football Game!!!

The Vol walk to the stadium, Alex style.

He needed a better view, so up on Dad's shoulders.

Let's go in Daddy!  Here's my ticket, sir!

Wow, this place is loud.  I'm not just talking about all the orange!

Alex got the chance to go to his first UT football game!  Boy was he excited!  He loves football! Mommy, Daddy and Paw-Paw all went along to watch the Vols get stomped by Florida.  Of course, Mommy wanted to document every minute of it with her camera.  At first, Alex didn't know what to think about Neyland Stadium.  It can be an intimidating place!  It wasn't long before he was having a ball!  He was the best boy, I can't believe how well he did at the game.  He's only 2.  

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