Monday, May 4, 2009

Mommy's Birthday

Paw Paw fixed me his famous crepes!

Over at the Rogers house!

April is a busy month for us!  Alex's birthday, our anniversary, my birthday.  Crazy!  I love it when my b-day falls on a weekend.  I started the morning out with presents from Keith and kids, then off to G'ma and Paw Paw's for breakfast!  Paw Paw makes the BEST crepes!  It is such a special treat!  After a trip to the mall and a nap, we headed over to the Rogers house!  The Floyds and McLemores joined the fun.  We've all been friends for years.  It's nice to celebrate with old friends.  I'm blessed to have such good ones!!  You all rock!  Oh, and I have a pretty great family too!

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