Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Hot Pink Cast

Our little princess got her cast on this morning.  Yes, it is hot pink!  Can't miss it!  Daddy was able to meet us at KOC this morning for the fun!  We had a wonderful doctor and the man who put the cast on was so sweet too!  God blessed us with great people to take care of our Gracie! This whole broken wrist thing hasn't bothered Grace one bit!  It must be nice to be a kid!  We are so proud of her!


Beth said...

oh, shes so sweet! How long will she have it? In time to get wet in St. Louis I hope!!

cjnsmom said...

what a cute little girl. I love her pink cast.
I added you onto my blog, hope that you don't mind. I will enjoy looking at it and I'm sure everyone else will to.

what are your plans for this Summer?

TedTracie said...

I just realized... I should have offered to come to your house on Sunday to do her hair. I AM SO SORRY. I stink!!!

She looks so cute in that picture below (getting her make up done).

Love the hot pink cast. HOw long does she have to wear it?

Talk soon!