Sunday, February 15, 2009

Aunt Jenny's 30th Birthday!

We emailed this to Jen on her b-day EVE!

A birthday Starbucks!

Apparently, Starbucks is like home.

We met Aunt Jenny at Starbucks late afternoon on her birthday!  She had plans that night with friends, but we had to meet up with her.  Afterall, it was the big 3-0 birthday!!!  We celebrated with cake, lemon cookies and coffee.  A couple of days later, we had standing rib roast to celebrate Jen's and Mom's birthdays!  Can you believe it, I forgot my camera.  Jenny will tell you I did that on purpose because of my now-infamous strawberry "avalanche," cake.  It sort of messed up.  However, it tasted great!  Happy 30th birthday, Jenny!

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