Monday, June 15, 2009

Home Addition

Welcome to our home addition!  We are adding on a master suite and workshop to our house! Since we have baby number 3 on the way, we decided to start the project now!  After months of planning and research, Keith broke ground on my birthday, April 25th.  Keith will also build a beautiful deck and make our basement into a walk out!  I think I'm most excited about pulling up  that nasty 1970's carpet downstairs!  Okay, so maybe the giant bathroom or walk in closet are my favs, but seriously I'm pumped about the new basement floor to come!!! Here's what we have so far!

Brick removed from back of house

No, not a casket, it's an old septic tank!  Who knew?

Before footers and....after!

Notice deck missing.

Footers poured.....

You might be wondering what that hole is in the orange pipe.  That would be the gas line.  Yes, we should have signed up for the show Renovation Reality, b/c we would have made a good episode!  Let me set the stage for you, I was at a spa night at Monica's.  I got a call from Keith.  He told me not to be alarmed, but we had at our house the fire department, police and KUB.  What?  As I pulled up to our street, I saw the spectacle!  Every neighbor was out and it looked like a circus.  Here's how it happened.  Remember the pic of that old septic tank, well Keith was digging (YES, the gas lines were marked) and struck the gas line that was right next to the tank.  The emergency crews told him he should buy a lottery ticket b/c the chances of that happening were slim to none.  After a quick call to 911, the gas line was eventually fixed and the neighbors had something to talk about the next day!  What an adventure.  Hopefully that will be our only drama for this big reno project!

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