Thursday, June 26, 2008

One More Time

Going, going, going and almost gone!

I love Lion's Choice!

T:  Yep, that's right number four in 5 days!

G:  If mom makes me eat here again, I'll go Crazy!
Before we headed home, we had to stop by Lion's Choice one last time!  Yes, it was our fourth trip to the roast beef eatery!  No, I wasn't sick of the place yet.  Yes, I want a roast beef sandwich right now!  Alex was a bit tired.  Afterall, it was his nap time!  He started to fall asleep before he got his food.  We had a great time in STL!! Thanks Beth and Jeremy for hosting us!  You all rock!  Thanks Anna and Kate for playing with our kids!!!

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A Team said...

Never heard of that place... is it like Arby's? JUST KIDDING...