Sunday, August 17, 2008

Beach Trip 08

She knows how to work a camera.

Watching Bubby run wears a man out!

This gator doesn't scare me!  Go Vols!

Here I am with my cup!!!

We just got back from our annual beach trip to Destin, Florida!  We had a great time.  We usually go in September, but the rates dropped a bit, so we decided to give August a try!  We love Destin and we are familiar with it.  We like to eat at the same restaurants and let the kids play at the same playgrounds.  It's fun.  Every year, we always start out with dinner at FudPuckers.  This time the kids got to touch a live gator.  Scary!  The gator man even scared mom with the thing.  I missed it, but heard about it!  Of course, they won't let you take pics of the kids petting the gator, but they did!  I am obsessed with the cups from this restaurant.  I think I have them dating back maybe 10 years or so, probably longer.  We always guess the color.  This year they are black.  How classic!  Stay tuned for a ton of pictures!  Yes, I took a bunch, imagine that.

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