Saturday, October 18, 2008

Carson-Newman Homecoming 08

We start them young around here.

Daddy and his babies!

Fast feet, fast feet, fast feet....

Agility drills:  check

Today was Carson-Newman's annual Homecoming weekend!  We headed up to Jeff City this morning, so Keith could chat with his old football coaches.  We were able to visit with a few coaches and a couple of Keith's former teachers.  All of his teachers mentioned how much they loved Keith and something about that 4.0 and 1st in his class thing.  I'm so proud of my husband!  Next, we left campus to kick it on down to Mo-Town for lunch at Pals!  This is a homecoming tradition for our family!  I love me some frenchie fries!  Back to CN for the parade (yes, lots of candy for the kids) and the football game! We had great seats and the Eagles were kickin' booty early on!  What a fun time.  Maybe we'll go back to MTSU one year.

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Chris F. said...

Well darn. I was wanting to go, but I had to work late and I was way too tired by then to even be able to stay awake at that point. Maybe next year. C-N really ran up the score this weekend didn't they?