Monday, July 14, 2008

It's Done!!!

It's a beauty!  Way to go Daddy!  You da man!

Seriously, what a stud husband I have!

Yes, I'm freaking out watching Alex climb HIGH!!!
Yes, he will have a spot!

This is Alex "smiling with his eyes."

This is Alex "try pooping," and christening the play set!

After a few long weekends, the play structure is complete!  I'm so proud of Keith for getting this bad boy project finished!  It was quite a task!  Thanks to Big Daddy for all his help too!  We love you, man!  What fun our kids will have with this big toy!  I'm already freakin' out a bit.  Alex fell out of the swing tonight.  Thankfully, Keith semi-caught him and protected his head.  He was so fine, thanks to Daddy breaking his fall.  Grace enjoyed making sand angels.  I'm not a big fan of the sand box, but the kids sure love it and that is all that matters!

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