Monday, July 14, 2008

What to do.

Grandma's an artist even in the sand!

K:  Play structure complete. Check.  Now what to do?

I just had to put this last pic on the blog for kicks and giggles!  How many of you ladies have ever asked your husbands to move something?  I'm sure most of you.  Sometimes they will do it right away, other times they forget about it.  Well, Keith changed out our front garage's AC unit a few weeks ago.  He decided to put the old unit right by the van (inside the garage) just for a temp location.  He warned me not to scratch my legs on the AC unit.  Yes, it was practically inside the van!  Let me just tell you how many times I cut my leg on that thing!  Every time I did so, I fussed at Keith...when are you going to move that thing!!!!!!  Yesterday, I had enough. After scratching my leg once again, I threatened...if this thing isn't gone tonight, it's going outside in the yard!!!!!!  I don't think Keith took me seriously.  Well, it remained in the garage today and my sister-in-law cut herself on it.  Keith finally removed it, hence I took this picture b/c it was a big moment for me!  FYI, I'm exaggerating a bit.


jenny said...

if keith is looking for something to do....I go some trees that need to be chopped down and I would love french doors in my dinning room. HAHAHA

Chris F. said...

I've learned a long time ago that if you want something done, you have to do it yourself. That way it is sure to be done. LOL.

A Team said...


jenny said...

that is the great thing about family - we are always there to help someone out!