Friday, July 25, 2008

Mommy Confessions

Yes, I admit I'm not a morning person.  I do stay up late most nights editing, but even when I'm not working, I still can't go to bed until late.  So, mornings aren't fun for me.  When Alex wakes up, he just climbs in my bed for snuggle time.  Grace joins the fun too.  I know some folks say NO KIDS in the bed, but I cherish this snuggle time.  So much so that I fall back asleep while the kids watch playhouse Disney.  Seriously, I do love that snuggle time but a mom needs her sleep.  Alex will eventually wake me back up by saying, "Mom, I want to eat."  Then I start my day.  This morning was extra sweet.  Alex leaned over to Grace and said, "I love you."  Grace said, "I love you too."  What a special moment, thank goodness I was awake!

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